Kristin McGee
"I love innovation and I always think it's so great when tools are made to help people exercise at their level." 

Delf Enriquez, Fitness Trainer, Group Fitness Manager   
"I particularly like the knee units, because my female clients feel more comfortable using them with kneeling exercises, versus folding a mat or towel under their knees" 

eca world fitness
"Each of these products can be used in traditional fitness training, yoga, Pilates or physical therapy." 

"If you enjoy Pilates, yoga or other mat-based exercises but need a little extra cushioning in one or more of these areas to do it comfortably, then these are for you." 

fit BOTTOMED girls
"Providing support, stability and comfort needed for those who have trouble putting weight on their wrists, knees and are needing neck support,” 

Fitness For the Rest of Us
"Their American made products are new, innovative and can reduce discomfort in your wrists, neck and knees."  

Broke Girl Fitness
“I am also currently getting over an injury to my meniscus and the donuts not only eliminated any pain, but also the anxiety that I may tweak the same injury again.”    

Nadia Murdock Fit
“DOD Fitness Wedges help everyone gain the most out of their workouts no matter what obstacles they may face”
“We gave the DOD Fitness Wedges a try in a variety of exercises and were pleasantly surprised for two reasons: One, our tester doesn't have any issues with pain and two, she's in decent physical condition. Still, she found the wrist wedges did ease strain on her wrists and hands in Plank, Down Dog, and Push-Up.” 


 “I'm so glad I bought these. I used them for the first time in yoga today, and they made such a difference! I did 2 classes, back to back, and even after 3 hours of yoga, my wrists feel great. I was able to hold poses longer and get into them deeper..” Miss O 

 “After watching a segment on The Today Show I ordered your knee donuts. Thanks to your knee donuts I am back enjoying my favorite exercises without the pain. The donuts really cushion and protect my knee and I have found that I prefer to use them even on my good knee.” Cheryl Whitley 

 “These foam wedges help to relieve some of that pressure by re-positioning the angle of the hands. The wrist wedges offer comfortable yet firm support,you won't find your hands sinking into the wedges.” Doctor Beth 

 “While everyone in my fitness class is trying to get comfortable on the mat or with a towel, all I do is get on my knee donuts and follow the instructor. They have changed the way I workout. I can’t imagine not using them” D. McGee 

 “I love my knee donuts. I enjoy yoga so much and felt left out but I am now doing as much as the others.I have also used them in the house when I was cleaning out the refrigerator and had to get on my knees..” Nora Mullen

"My knees hurt when I am kneeling for Pilates or other exercises. These donuts are great -- plenty of cushioning and no more knee pain! I definitely recommend them." Pilates Novice 

 “I was looking for a product that would help me in fitness class. They are the right size to hold on to (burpees) and have a slight compression when using them which makes my wrists happy. They have just the right angle to make the difference in my ability to do the exercises that I couldn’t do before.” Dinah R 

 “With these I could stay at my knees for ever. Protects them wonderfully. Not just for yoga." Barbara D "I am a yoga instructor, recovering from knee surgery. These have helped me to get back into teaching more quickly. I have several students with chronic knee problems and I have urged them to order a pair!" Ann