Don't let exercise be a pain in the neck!

Our DOD Fitness Neck Circle was designed for ANYONE who feels neck tension during or after exercise.

Quite often a person feels tension or discomfort in their neck while lying on their back during exercise or stretching. This is often a result of the head being in a less than ideal position in relation to the rest of the body. The head is arced back putting the neck in extension which can compress the cervical spine. This, over time, can lead to acute or chronic neck pain.

Our Neck Circle was designed to prevent, reduce, or eliminate neck discomfort while laying on the floor. 

When placed under the base of the head, it provides a cushioned base of support keeping the neck in proper alignment. The height of the circle puts the head in a biomechanically optimal position.

Our Neck Circle is ideal for personal trainers to use at the end of a session with clients. Use it in Yoga, Pilates, while taking a break after hours of sitting at your computer, or anytime while supine. 

Neck Circle Exercises

•Single Leg Circles
•Figure Four Stretch on Back
•Corpse Pose - Savasana
•Heel Slides
•Knee Drop
•Modified Double Straight Legs