Knee Donut Exercises 
• Opposite Arm/Leg – 4 Point Kneeling 
• Modified Side Stretch 
• Kick Back with Theraband     
• Push Ups On Knees 
• Camel Pose – Ustrasana 
• Side Kneeling Series – May Also Use With Wrist Wedge     
• Chest Expansion – Knees on Reformer
Exercise can be sweet again – try our donuts!

Our DOD Fitness Knee Donuts were designed for ANYONE who has knee discomfort while on their knees.

Our Knee Donuts solve this problem because the kneecap NEVER touches the ground. The Knee Donuts can prevent, reduce, or eliminate knee discomfort while in a weight bearing position. They provide structural support for the kneecap. 

Use while working out in Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy, gardening, housework, and more.

Your knees will thank you!