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"Knee Exercises to Gain Strength, Ease Pain You need a little layer of insulation between your fragile knee joint and the floor. So those pads help to prevent you from smacking skin and bruising bone. Towels and soft mats can help but the patella is a floating bone so it appreciates protection and the preventative measures."

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"Comfort in Motion...Add welcome cushioning for exercise like kneeling push-ups and yoga poses."

Chicago Tribune 
"The Knee Donuts are very beneficial to those whose knees are compromised due to injury or any other patella discomfort."

The Washington Post
"When the pain isn't coming from the muscles you are working, there's a problem. And now, there's a solution: DOD's line of Wrist Wedges, Knee Donuts and Neck Circles."

"Gift Guide Choice: Lightweight wrist wedges, a neck circle and knee donuts help reduce stress on joints."

New Living Magazine
"These new products make it easier for people with problem knees, wrists and necks to do moves that were impossible for them before."

"Don't let sore wrists, knee or neck pain limit your clients' workouts any longer! DOD Fitness has developed three tools that will transform your clients' workouts with less pain and help ensure more effective training."

"Best new yoga gear for fall, DOD Fitness offers extra cushion, when you're in more precarious postures. No need to double up a blanket to mitigate discomfort when you have these pain eliminators."
"No pain no gain? Not with these clever foam discs...the perfect gym bag companion."

Providence Journal
"I prefer the knee donuts when I did Pilates and yoga on the bare floor, as there was no added pressure on my knees."

Diets in™
"These little donuts do wonders. A must for exercise newbies!"
"The Knee Donut is my favorite tool because I can use it while stretching out, in the kitchen while digging my casserole dish out from under the island and in the garden while pulling weeds! My knees are not great and these comfy discs give a lot of cushion! My son had knee surgery a few years ago and he cannot kneel on his knee at all without cushion and he could using the Knee Donut. These lightweight discs are cool."

"During a recent test run in yoga class, we found that the Wrist Wedges did exactly what they were designed for, especially when it came to the plank. Halfway through the class, my classmates were begging me to share with them."

"It wasn’t until I tried the DOD knee donut that I was able to kneel comfortably and in proper alignment for the first time in over a decade! It provided total comfort for my knees in a way I had never been able to achieve when doing kneeling exercises in the past."

"If you enjoy Pilates, yoga or other mat-based exercises, but need a little extra cushioning in one or more of these areas to do it comfortably, then these are for you."

"A great solution for people with chronic neck, wrist and knee issues for whom exercise can be painful."

"These foam tools help head off pain during exercise, allowing for better performance."

Fitness For the Rest of Us™ 
"Their American made products are new, innovative and can reduce discomfort in your wrists, neck and knees."

"We have found some great preventive tools that can be integrated into any workout (or everyday activity for that matter.)"
"I adore their products! They’ve helped improve my floor exercises tremendously."

"Put simply, they make exercising easier."
"So much easier than rolling up a towel & more comfy than an exercise mat in the gym."

ECA World Fitness
"Each of these products can be used in traditional fitness training, yoga, Pilates or physical therapy."

Yoga & Pilates with Kristin McGee
"I love innovation and I always think it’s so great when tools are made to help people exercise at their level."
"DoD Fitness Tools make working out more comfortable. These tools are a lifesaver for working out."

The Lolly Diaries
"Just when my bony knees and achy wrists were making me think gravity might have to win out because donkey kicks and plank pose were becoming torturous, these little pads came to my rescue."

"I love the Knee Donuts and I will definitely be using these the next time I’m at the gym. I think the neck circle is a great product for pilates, yoga, or any traditional exercise done on your back."

"A new line of fitness tools designed to help people with knee, wrist and neck problems modify workout moves."

"I tried this stuff out and became totally convinced of the concept in a quick and speedy kind of way."

Diabetic Living
"Easy on your knees. Knee donuts can take the pain out of exercise."

"DOD FItness Tools Help Moms Stay Active and Fit Your Mom will be more comfortable while exercising, gardening, even cleaning when using the knee donuts."
Trainer T. Fitness
"Do you have bad knees? This product is amazing and it may be something that might be of interest to you."

Laughing Lindsay
"These products allow everyone to do workouts on the floor."

Health Daily Online
"New Must-Have Yoga Accessories. They’re all designed to minimize the discomfort experienced during some of the most precarious postures."

Sports Product Review
"We have found some great preventive tools that can be integrated into any workout (or everyday activity for that matter.)"

Fit Bottomed Girls
"Providing support, stability and comfort needed for those who have trouble putting weight on their wrists, knees and are needing neck support, these have a textured surface for durability and for the non-slippage factor."

Huff and Buff
“I can say that using the Do or Die Fitness products did make many of the floor exercises I currently do much more comfortable. And given that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I will happily pull them out to execute floor exercises on a regular basis.”

“Nifty little tools to help you have a more comfy workout”

Nugglemama's Handful
“Its seems a simple disk of foam, but when placed under the head during floor work reduces neck strain by a surprising I found that it helped me achieve a deeper level of relaxation.”

“Must have fitness gear. DoD Fitness products are the perfect way for anyone to exercise.”

Tara Burner Reviews
“These fitness products make it easier for those who have issues and problems with their wrists, knees or neck to be able to do moves that were difficult, if not impossible without the aide of these items.”

Nadia Murdock Fit
“DOD Fitness Wedges help everyone gain the most out of their workouts no matter what obstacles they may face”
“We gave the DOD Fitness Wedges a try in a variety of exercises and were pleasantly surprised for two reasons: One, our tester doesn't have any issues with pain and two, she's in decent physical condition. Still, she found the wrist wedges did ease strain on her wrists and hands in Plank, Down Dog, and Push-Up.”

Broke Girl Fitness
“The knee donuts allowed me to perform a max amount of reps in one minute because it eliminated my normal pain by cushioning my knees. I am also currently getting over an injury to my meniscus and the donuts not only eliminated any pain, but also the anxiety that I may tweak the same injury again.”   

The Hamilton Spectator
“Pain Relievers...California-based DOD Fitness has developed a set of ergonomic foam cushions designed to make working out less painful.”